The Value of Geographic Diversity on the Governing Council of USA Dance

USA Dance came into being many decades ago initially as an East Coast organization and then grew over time into a national organization well represented in different regions of our country.  The Governing Council is also well represented geographically.  At present, this is the make up of the GC by state:  Florida – 3; California – 2; Oregon – 2;  Colorado – 1; New York – 1; New Jersey – 1; Delaware – 1; Rhode Island – 1; Pennsylvania – 1; North Carolina – 1; Indiana – 1; Minnesota – 1.

Put another way, we have  five GC members from the eastern seaboard, four from the southeast, four from the west coast and three from the middle of the country.

This geographic diversity gives USA Dance strength in that all sections of the country are represented, and GC members are able to speak knowledgeably about regional differences and consider differing geographic perceptions when determining national policies and programs and their effect on different parts of the country.

It would not be healthy in my opinion if any one region ever attempted to become preeminent within USA Dance at the expense of other areas of the country.  As an entity made up of volunteers, USA Dance accepts all willing volunteers who want to give their time to their chapter, district or to the national organization.  But USA Dance must also keep in mind that if parts of the country feel excluded, programs will not grow and flourish there as they would if members from those areas feel engaged and involved.

Our goal is always to ensure that all sections of the country feel equally welcome and involved in USA Dance.

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