The Making of a Questionable USA Dance National Election

There is a national election coming up in USA Dance this fall, but two national past presidents, Ken Richards and Esther Freeman have been denied a place on the ballot because they have refused to sign a questionable confidentiality agreement upon the advice of their respective attorneys.  They have, however, signed modified confidentiality agreements with their attorneys’ approval.  Apparently this isn’t good enough, and both have been informed by the Chair of the National Nominations and Elections Committee that their names will not appear on the ballot.  In the case of Esther Freeman, over 100 current members have signed a petition of support for Esther’s candidacy, but this too is being ignored by USA Dance.

Setting aside why anyone should sign a confidentiality agreement prior to even being elected, there is this over-riding question:  Is the USA Dance Governing Council attempting to keep eminently qualified candidates off the ballot so that incumbents will win in an uncontested election?

You will find no discussion of this issue on any official USA Dance, Inc. Facebook page, but an independent Facebook page that hundreds have joined is discussing this and other USA Dance actions.  So if you want an unadulterated look at the issues that are of concern to a growing number of dancers, go to:


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