Some of the Messages We Have Received

Bill Rose, Esther Freeman and I will be wrapping up our various projects during December in preparation for leaving office at the end of the year.  We want to thank all those who are continuing to express their support in conversations, phone messages and personal notes.   Here is but a sampling of the messages we have received:

To:  Esther

“I must say that I am in shock and total disbelief at the outcome of the election.  You have been an extraordinary officer for this organization, and I am so sorry you will not be leading us on in the future.   My best to you, and you definitely will be missed.                         Thank you so much for all you have done to help me over the years.  I think this organization will suffer with mostly men in charge.  Women get things done!”

– From a Chapter President in a Mid Atlantic state

To:  Bill

“I’m very sorry you weren’t reelected as VP. Your candidate statement was the most positive of all the officers. This election was “new” vs. “old” instead of evaluating each candidate individually. “

– From a former contributor to the AD Magazine, New York State

To:  Lydia

“I have very little dance experience and know nothing about the issues or differences between the candidates in the recent election, so I did not vote. In any event, I am certain that you have devoted countless hours to USA Dance and I want to thank you for those efforts.”

– From a Chapter President in a Southern state

To: Lydia, Bill and Esther

“My sincere thanks to all the officers that have served our association, donated their time and for their dedication to USA Dance.”

– From a Chapter President in a Mid Western state

And may we in turn say thank you to all those members who have shown kindness, respect and loyalty to us over the years.  It is because of members like you that we have continued as USA Dance volunteers for as long as we have.

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