National Senior Vice President – Bill Rose

The Governing Council position of National Senior Vice President of USA Dance is an extremely important one, because the individual in this position must be able and willing to take over the presidency in the event of the National President’s inability to complete that term of office for any reason.  This national volunteer must have substantial experience at all levels of our organization, and USA Dance is fortunate to have Bill Rose as our Senior Vice President.

Bill has held this position for four years, and previous to that he was a Regional Vice President on the GC.  Bill, in addition to taking on varying assignments as requested by the National President and the GC, saw that his skills were needed by our organization in the field of website development and membership information systems, and agreed to chair the USA Dance technology committee as it reviewed and made recommendations on the technological needs of our organization.  Bill has spent many hundreds of hours volunteering his time to consult with and assist chapters as well as the DanceSport Council on a variety of technological issues.

Bill makes his home in California, and in addition to his volunteer work at the national level, he still finds time to serve as the president of the Orange County Chapter of USA Dance and also serves on the organizing committee for the annual Southwest Regional Championships and NQE.  USA Dance is indeed fortunate to have someone with Bill’s proven track record in the key position of  National Senior Vice President.

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