Ken Richards Endorses Lydia Scardina, Bill Rose and Esther Freeman

The following endorsement was posted today by Ken Richards, Vice President of DanceSport on the USA Dance Chapter #4004 Facebook page.  Ken calls for the re-election of National President Lydia Scardina, National Senior Vice President Bill Rose and National Treasurer Esther Freeman:

“Dear Fellow Members:

I have noticed a great deal of election campaigning on this Chapter Facebook page along with many others. I encourage all of you to vote and think carefully about the composition of the National Officers for the next 3 years.

I have voted and I endorse the incumbent candidates for National President, Vice-President and Treasurer. I do so for their history and depth and breadth of knowledge of what drives USA Dance. I value the continuity and know that change and improvements have come and will continue to come from this team.

I also recognize that all the “new” ideas aren’t so new and are already under development in some manner or another. I say this with all due respect to the challengers – as I believe we all have a place in USA Dance and that transition of National and Chapter Offices is a good thing. However, for me transition comes by working together and by proving ones dedication to the company and its members. The National Office is not the place for personal agendas. It is more about fortitude and the ability to follow a project through to completion. For me – Lydia Scardina. Bill Rose and Esther Freeman deliver on that. Do we always agree – nope – that’s probably because I’m not always right. And another reason why I would be pleased to see them in office as long as they are willing to serve.
Please fell free to share this posting wherever you think a USA Dance voting member will read it.”

Thank you, Ken.  All USA Dance voting members are encouraged to vote in the national election.  Ballots may be found in the September/October issue of the American Dancer Magazine, and completed ballots must reach the National Elections Director by November 2, 2013.  Please vote!

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