Is USA Dance Just Another Non-Profit Organization?

The challengers who are running to unseat the incumbents in the USA Dance national election point with pride to their experience with non-profit organizations when queried on their ability to replace us as USA Dance national officers.  My response is that USA Dance’s status as a non-profit organization is not the most important element in USA Dance’s mission.

USA Dance’s non-profit status is certainly important in that it allows our organization to function without having to pay federal taxes, providing an opportunity for its dollars to go further, and we would certainly not want to lose that status.  The current corporate officers are well aware of the need to safeguard the organization’s non profit status and have been doing so for years.  Our incumbent National Treasurer considers that to be a key priority of her position.

But it is imperative to note that USA Dance is most importantly defined in  the bylaws as a National Governing Body (NGB) of DanceSport, having received that designation from the United States Olympic Committee in compliance with the U. S. Amateur Sports Act.

What does USA Dance’s designation as an NGB entail?  This designation requires USA Dance to govern DanceSport in compliance with both USOC criteria nationally as well as the criteria established internationally by the international body that has been designated by the IOC to govern DanceSport world-wide – the World DanceSport Federation (WDSF), of which USA Dance is a member.

I am not aware of any experience that any of the challengers seeking to take over the corporate officer positions have with regard to managing a National Governing Body.  They have attended no meetings of the USOC or the WDSF as United States Delegates.  They have not had to deal with disciplinary matters or grievances pending before either of these bodies, and they have not had to enforce the provisions in the bylaws dealing with USA Dance’s responsibilities as an NGB.

Several of the individuals on the “takeover team” hoping to unseat the incumbents have no national USA Dance experience whatsoever, so why would our members entrust the critical role of safeguarding USA Dance’s status as a National Governing Body to such individuals?

The current corporate officers are experienced in this area.  As National President, I have dealt with both the USOC and the WDSF on a regular basis on a variety of issues and have attended their meetings regularly over a number of years.  I know how important it is for USA Dance to maintain a good relationship with these bodies.  The incumbent National Treasurer is also a past National President and has also dealt extensively with these bodies during her presidency.  The incumbent National Senior Vice President, in addition to his accomplishments in the technology area that have helped USA Dance so much,  accompanied me as a U.S. Delegate to the WDSF meeting this year, and as a member of the Executive Committee of USA Dance, has been kept apprised of all important issues pertaining to the USOC and the WDSF.  None of the members of the “takeover team” have this degree of experience in running a National Governing Body, in fact they do not appear to have any experience in this area at all.

I strongly urge our members to vote to re-elect the incumbents.


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