Introducing Dance View

I am Lydia Scardina, National President of USA Dance, and welcome to my blog.  The purpose of this blog is to keep members and friends of DanceSport and Ballroom Dancing informed and engaged in what is going on in USA Dance in particular as well as in the American and international competitive dance world in general.  I will be sharing my thoughts on a variety of issues in the coming weeks and months, and will be updating this blog regularly, so come by frequently to see what’s new.

In this blog you will find not only some of my past President’s Reports that I believe to be of interest but also my thinking on new issues as they develop.   It is important that you know that this is my personal blog, and the comments I make here are my own, rather than official statements I am making on behalf of USA Dance.

One thought on “Introducing Dance View

  1. Thanks for doing this blog, Lydia. Although much of the volunteer work you and many others do for USA Dance go unnoticed and sometimes (actually mostly) unappreciated, it is well worthwhile and valuable for the continuation and the growth of USA Dance. I like the way you unemotionally look at issues and do what is best for the organization. Thanks for that. I truely hope others who have USA Dance in mind will see the value of experience and at least keep some of you in on this election for the good of USA Dance.

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