California State DanceSport Championships and NQE

I had the pleasure of attending the Cal State Championships and NQE this past weekend and had a most enjoyable time. I am very familiar with the hard work and dedication of the Nor Cal Chapter volunteers and their continuing efforts to organize good quality, reasonably priced events for the sizable Northern California DanceSport community. The event was well run and followed the established and published rules that are necessary for an NQE (National Qualifying Event).

The Nor Cal Chapter is almost entirely made up of competitors, and the chapter board has consistently run multiple DanceSport competitions every year since its founding 30 years ago.  It started running Regional Championships/NQE’s in 1992 and over the years has organized no less than three USA Dance National Championships (1995, 1999 and 2006).  Because the chapter had not organized an NQE for several years it prepared for a relatively small event, but was pleasantly surprised when attendance far exceeded expectations.  This will bode well for the future, and the chapter board has already started planning next year’s NQE.

Competitors were judged by a panel of fully qualified adjudicators that was under the direction of an experienced and knowledgeable chair. I found the event to be friendly and the energy in the ballroom to be very high throughout the day and evening all the way through to the end.  This, no doubt, was at least partly due to the large number of college competitors, who brought home-made signs and cheered their friends as they competed in multiple events. In fact, the event drew a significant number of competitors of all ages, from pre-teens all the way up through the senior ranks.

2013 marks Nor Cal’s 30 year anniversary as a USA Dance chapter, and it is the oldest chapter west of the Mississippi.  May its next 30 years be as successful as the last.

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