USA Dance Governing Council Too Heavily Weighted Toward Southern California

Several years ago I wrote on this site that the Governing Council of USA Dance was heavily weighted toward the East Coast, with little representation from the Western U.S.  Now things are reversed.  At this time there are no less than five Governing Council members from Southern California:  President, Vice President of DanceSport, Vice President of the Professional Division, Director of Membership and Director of K-12 Student Programs. These five individuals constitute close to a third of the voting members of the Governing Council.

Yet USA Dance is a national organization, with the majority of members residing in the New York/Boston corridor and in such member-rich states as Florida, with somewhat smaller, but still significant numbers in the middle of the country.  While efforts are made to expand USA Dance in the Western U.S. (which is certainly a laudable goal), it is important not to forget that the other parts of the country need significant representation on the Governing Council too.

As of today there are four vacancies:  Senior Vice President, Secretary, Vice President of Social Dance and DanceSport Delegate.  This in itself is troubling as I have never in my more than 30 years of membership in USA Dance seen such a turnover of elected positions at the top of the organization within a period of just several weeks.

However, that will be the topic of another post.  Regardless of how that issue is resolved, it is important that these vacancies be filled with individuals that come from other parts of the country, as Southern California is overly represented on the Governing Council already and this gives the impression that the National President has little support outside his home base.