National Secretary – Greg Warner

The newest member of the Governing Council of USA Dance is National Secretary, Greg Warner.  Greg was appointed to the GC effective June 1st of this year to complete the term vacated by Stan Andrews, who wanted to step down from the National Secretary position in order to concentrate on other volunteer assignments within USA Dance.

Greg has volunteered extensively at the chapter and district levels, and came to the attention of the GC upon his delivery of a project to draft a comprehensive conflict of interest policy which the GC adopted last year.  We are always on the lookout for volunteers who have proven their worth at the chapter and district levels and then say yes when we approach them with a request to help us with national assignments.

After conferring with members of the EC, I approached Greg and he agreed to come on board to succeed Stan.  As Stan was preparing to leave the GC effective June 1st, this provided a three month period for Stan to show Greg the ropes, thus assuring a smooth transition.

This is the best way for those aspiring to a position on the Governing Council or other national committees to become involved and move up in the organization.  First, volunteer at the chapter level and then at the district level; then come forward and express an interest in serving at the national level; and finally, accept and complete national assignments effectively when they are offered, such as drafting policies or serving on national committees.

It is unrealistic for those who have had little or no experience at the national level to come in and expect to be able to immediately perform the very top jobs in an organization.  That is why a progression through a series of positions in the organization is so valuable.  We are grateful to Greg for his service at the chapter and district levels, and for bringing his excellent policy development skills to our organization when he was asked to do so.

DanceSport – Ken Richards

Today I would like to introduce the national volunteer who is responsible for heading up the competitive side of USA Dance, Ken Richards, Vice President of DanceSport.  Ken is responsible for overseeing the entire DanceSport Division and serving as Chair of the DanceSport Council.  This division handles day-to-day planning and organization of the National Championships, is responsible for NQE oversight, administration of the Dancesport Rulebook and athlete travel to world championships.   But in addition to managing the DanceSport Division, Ken has also stepped forward to volunteer for the Presidium of the WDSF, and has just been elected to a four year term on that body.  This volunteer assignment requires substantial travel and time away from home and work, and we are grateful to Ken for all his efforts on behalf of the DanceSport community.

Social Dance – Jean Krupa

Jean Krupa is our Vice President of Social Dance, a position she has held on the Governing Council for a number of years.  Jean oversees social dance activities for USA Dance that include dance-themed cruises, social activities at the National Championships, and the organization of the annual Chapter Conference, which not only provides training and assistance to chapter officials but does so within a  socially-oriented framework that includes several social dances and a visit to a local chapter event whenever possible.  Additionally, Jean chairs the meetings and oversees the activities of the Social Dance Council.  Like other national volunteers, Jean also offers her time to her local chapter in Florida and organizes a popular annual event, the “Dance Spree”.

Public Relations – Angela Prince

Today I will focus on the USA Dance Governing Council national volunteer who has been managing our public relations program for the past seven years – Angela Prince.  Angela, who resides in North Carolina, develops press releases, writes articles, works with the News Media, manages USA Dance’s social media presence, provides editorial oversight to the American Dancer Magazine and advises the GC as well as our chapters on PR issues. In addition, Angela has taken on the responsibility of alerting dancers to available opportunities to display their DanceSport skills on shows and programs around the country.   This goes above and beyond her duties as Public Relations Director, and I know that many of our dancers have expressed gratitude to Angela for her assistance and advice in providing opportunities for them to put their dance skills on display to a wide audience.

DanceSport Delegates

In compliance with USOC rules, USA Dance is required to have championship athletes on its national councils – the DanceSport Council, the Governing Council and the Executive Committee.  The championship athletes must make up at least 20% of these voting bodies, and they are elected by the competitor members of USA Dance, and are there to represent the interests of the athletes.

We have four such championship athletes on our Governing Council:  Inna Brayer  from New York, Scott Coates from Florida, Roger Greenawalt from Indiana and Taras Savitsky from New Jersey.  Inna, Scott and Roger have served as DanceSport Delegates for a number of years, while Taras is one of the newest members of the Governing Council, and was appointed earlier this year.  These Delegates also serve on various DanceSport Committees, depending on their interest and expertise, which can include Sport Liaison, Competition and a variety of other assignments.

All Governing Council members wear several hats and volunteer in a variety of ways for USA Dance, both nationally and at the chapter level, and our four DanceSport Delegates are no exception.


Chapter Liaison – Dorene Goin

Today I would like to introduce Dorene Goin, the Director of Chapter Liaison on the Governing Council of USA Dance. Dorene’s job is to serve as a resource to our 170 chapters, advising and providing guidance to them on a variety of issues.  As USA Dance is divided regionally into 11 Districts, Dorene also organizes the meetings of those Districts and provides support and training to District officials.  Dorene lives in Oregon, and like other GC members, is active with her local USA Dance chapter.  She has served on the GC for a little over a year.  Many people may not know that Dorene has also held elective office on her local school board, and I’m sure the skills she obtained in that position have come in handy in the volunteer work she does for USA Dance.

Administrative Support – Efrosyni Iosiphidis

Today I would like to introduce another of USA Dance’s national volunteers, the Director of Administrative Support, Efrosyni Iosiphidis.  Efrosyni is a member of the Governing Council, and among her responsibilities are to deal with service mark, music licensing, and a variety of other administrative issues.  Efrosyni lives in Rhode Island, and in addition to the generous assistance she provides the national organization, she also has been active with her local chapter over a number of years.

USA Dance Development Programs – Jean Tauber

Today I would like to introduce Jean Tauber, the USA Dance Director of Development.  Jean’s special expertise is grant writing and administration, and she has already helped her local chapter obtain grant money for chapter programs.  Jean is among our newer Governing Council members, having been on the GC for several years, and she makes her home in Florida.  Jean has been researching various grant opportunities for USA Dance in preparation for a fund raising program she will be initiating later in the year.  Applying for and administering grants requires specialized expertise and knowledge, and USA Dance is fortunate to have on the GC someone with Jean’s skill set.

School Programs – Barbara Wally

Today I would like to introduce the USA Dance Director of K-12 Programs, Barbara Wally.  Barbara has a long history with USA Dance.  She and her late husband, Bill were founding members of the Orange County Chapter of USA Dance and Barbara was its first chapter president.  Barbara now lives in Colorado where she works in Education. After serving for several years as a Regional Vice President on the Governing Council, Barbara stepped into the role of developing USA Dance’s student programs and assisting chapters that want to work with their local school districts to develop after school dance clubs or assist the districts in incorporating dance into PE programs.  Developing ballroom dance programs in K-12 schools is a key component of USA Dance’s mission, and we are lucky to have Barbara as the national volunteer heading up this effort.